Frequently Asked Questions

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It refers to various manufacturing processes that can be used to manipulate or convert sheet metal into a metal product or structure.

The manufacturing processes involved in sheet metal fabrication is called fabrication techniques.It includes cutting sheet metal, bending sheet metal, shrinking sheet metal, assembling sheet metal, etc.

The type of sheet metals you can fabricate are based on the type of materials or depending on specific requirements. Few examples are given below. 

  1. Stainless steel sheet metal
  2. Aluminum sheet metal 
  3. Copper sheet metal
  4. Brass sheet metal

The process of using a laser machine to cut sheet metal into different designs or desired shape is called Metal Laser Cutting. It is generally used to make complex designs that cannot be done with human hands. 


What welding technique is the best for Metal Sheet Fabrication?

Its depends on the type of metal, desired surface finish, sheet metal specifications, budget etc. Given below are a few techniques you can choose from:

  • Gas welding (oxy-acetylene)
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding

The process of rolling the edge or a metal sheet onto itself to hide rough edges or reinforce the edge of the sheet metal is called Sheet Metal Hemming technique or Seaming technique.

The process of drawing sheet metal in a die with a preformed shape by applying a reasonable threshold of mechanical force on a punch is called Deep Drawing Metal Sheet.

Sheet Metal Hydroforming technique is performed by using a flexible diaphragm subjected to pressurized hydraulic fluid, that results in shaping metal sheet against tooling, to form various geometrical shapes and designs.

Spinning is a fabrication technique that is used to manufacture, cylindrical and circular parts from flat sheet metal. In this technique the shapes are formed over a rotating mandrel about a predetermined axis.

Stamping is a sheet metal fabrication technique where a die is used to convert a flat sheet metal into various desired shapes.

Single sheet metal stamping technique involves only one processing technique. On the other hand, progressive sheet metal stamping involves the use of various press techniques to get a suitable shape which may involve coining, punching, embossing, etc.